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Sam Irons Landscape Photography

Sam Irons Landscape Photography

The landscape photography of Sam Irons in his “Grid Reference” series offers curious deserted landscapes often in the pastel range or at night and most importantly without anyone present. (more…)

Dan Holdsworth's Blackout Series

Dan Holdsworth’s Blackout Series

A point of inspiration for some and a tool to help convey thought and feeling for others, the natural world has always been an endless source of artistic reference. For Dan Holdsworth,...

Hoflehner's Patience

Hoflehner’s Patience

Written by Mateus Andrade Silence, secluded and empty spaces are the main themes of the body of work titled Patience from the Austrian photographer Joseph Hoflehner. Showcasing unique locations as...

Nadav Kander Photography

Nadav Kander Photography

Israeli photographer Nadav Kander shot the Obama's organization, celebrities, covers of magazines, and advertising campaign for every brand you can think of, just to give you an idea of the...