What if Alexander McQueen Designed a Salad Dress ?

Who wants a Prada, McQueen or Vuitton edible Dresses? Last year’s editorial by Fulvio Bonavia in collaboration with stylist Giovanna Battaglia for Dasha Zhukova‘s Garage Magazine issue #1 is gorgeous, no doubt, but I have the feeling that the editorial has been inspired by the work of Sung Yeon Ju and her ‘Wearable Food’ project, even if Bonavia had similar work before… Anyways, enjoy this beautiful luxury dresses respectivly made by the brand itself.

Citrus by Prada. Photo by Fulvio Bonavia for Garage magazine

Walnuts by Louis Vuitton. Photo by Fulvio Bonavia for Garage magazine.

Lettuce by Alexander McQueen. Photo by Fulvio Bonavia for Garage magazine.

Anchovies by Moncler. Photo by Fulvio Bonavia for Garage magazine.

“I had been in contact Dasha Zhukova’s office, as she was interested in collaborating with me for the launch of a new magazine about art, fashion, and culture. They asked me to create something for them in line with what I did in my book A Matter of Taste, but using luxury brands. They were open to my creating a still life of accessories or a total look. They didn’t give me specific rules—they gave me freedom to create.

They put me in contact with the fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia, a former Vogue fashion editor, and we met in Milan to talk about the project. It was a really good collaboration, as we were very much on the same page with all the concepts. She proposed we do a different look for each different fashion brand, with an interesting structure and textures, and I worked on how to realize these concepts and decide which food would be the right choice.”

See more of his work at www.fulviobonavia.com

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