50 Years of Bond Cars
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Written by Ani Tzenkova

Digital storytelling has finally made its way into the advertising conversation in a real way in the past year. Though many brands are throwing around the term along with many other terms that mean pretty much the same thing only a few brands have really nailed it on the execution. So if you are wondering what a great example of digital editorial narrative looks like, this is it.

Take a concept, any good concept and find a way to take your readers on an experiential journey, one that is both familiar and innovative. That right there is the formula for what native advertising will be built on once the ad world kills the word native completely, and starts to focus more on the formula and less on the terminology. Intrinsic to this trend is also the future vision that there will be a much slower exertion of content. Or maybe not, but people will be looking for more refined resources dedicated specifically to each of their micro needs. This means those channels will have to deliver up to the readers expectations and not just hoax readers with click bait that has no real substance underneath its title.

This graphic project by Studio JQ shows the complete list of all the James Bond cars in chronological order, from over 50 years of the James Bond series. Have a look!

So let’s examine what makes this design by Studio JQ such a great example. Rather than bombarding its readers with a large paragraph of technical information about the car, they have designed a layout that compartmentalizes different facts and presents them in a hierarchy that draws the viewer in the same way an image would. The visualization of this information also helps in remembering the facts.

The start of a self initiated project displaying the famous Bond cars throughout the incredible series. Currently a WIP. Working with the fantastic William Robinson @thesubmarinecreative for the motion side of the project. All Works Copyright © 2015 Studio–JQ.

A Project by Studio JQ

Written by
Ani Tzenkova

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