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Sam Pierpoint’s Paper Cities In The Making

British artist Sam Pierpoint creates handcrafted paper cities. After Bournemouth and London, Pierpoint was inspired by her current location and has envisioned a micro view of Bristol.


Kouhei Nakama Dissects Life Cycles

Visual Art Director, Kouhei Nakama, dissects life cycles with a gorgeous Motion graphic animation. The artist believes humans are constantly being reborn and the video magnifies the idea of many organs and…

tasty- transformations -project-deconstructs-our-daily-eats-featured

Tasty Transformations Project Deconstructs Our Daily Eats

Tasty Transformations is a project by Fragmento Universo deconstructing our daily eats. Focusing on three different recipes – a strawberry milkshake, crème brulee and white chocolate matcha, impeccably composed images contemplate the…

waterscapes-by misawa-look-into-the-aquatic-life-featured

Waterscape By Haruka Misawa Looks Into The Aquatic Life

Waterscape is a project by Haruka Misawa, exploring the life underneath the water surface. Mapping a different type of an environment and energy, the Japanese artist aims to draw a line between things surrounded by…