Un-IKEA: Custom Furniture by Kenyon Yeh


IKEA Gone Insane! Kenyon Yeh or Wiyono Sutjipto is a genius ! Seriously who would have think outside of the box regarding IKEA furniture ?! Making something new, different, strange or personal from the standardized, uniform, modular parts that come when you buy an IKEA furniture kit. It is just genius !


He also created a collection called Homeless furniture – Furniture Design with abandoned/unwanted street furniture !


If the odd shapes, offbeat angles and questionable functionality were not enough, he has also added a set of colored legs to each piece. Along with the labeling of them ala IKEA standards, this is no-doubt a hat-tip to the strange way in which IKEA gives names to each and every object they sell.




Homeless Furniture:

Creating some ‘brand new’ furniture with older ones abandoned on the street. Is it the future of furniture design ?

Unwanted furniture is often abandoned on the street, fly tipped or dumped in a skip. It is an undignifiedend to an object that once sheltered in the home, a familiar landmark within the everyday domestic landscape. The project aims to challenge the audience to re-evaluate their perception of furniture type, how it is defined and whether there is ever a legitimate moment to leave it on the street.