artist studio in hackney london

Two Beautiful Artist Studio/Private Shed in Hackney, London

These are two beautiful artist studio built in their owner backyards, located in Hackney, East London. These studio gives privacy and (peaceful) creativity to their possessor. It makes me think a lot of this amazing office in Madrid forest! I particularly love the Garden Cinema studio (below). Do you have one in your backyard?

Garden cinema studio, London, UK

This studio is set within the Mapledene conservation area in east London, it is a complex multifunctional space for a video artist and theoretician.
The garden cinema takes its form from creating projecting space. It has an internal projection wall as well as an external cinema screen, a bright work space as well as a dark developing space.

It achieves this by adopting a half basement as its principal level and a mezzanine floor as its secondary space. Set at the end of the garden, the building has one window which forms a dialogue across the garden with the main living space of the artist’s house. At night time this window transforms into a reverse projection cinema screen for private viewings in the garden.

Photography by Michael Franke

Hackney Shed

Situated in a domestic garden in Hackney, the new ‘shed’ replaces a dilapidated asbestos-ridden and spider-filled hut, and acts as a working studio for the Clients.

Built to a limited budget and timescale, the simple aesthetic of the materials is celebrated to create a functional and warm urban haven. Oak framed full-height doors are completely retractable and allow for a clear view of the garden. A library, situated within the structural members, maximises the usable floor area, and a ‘hidden’ rooflight at the rear of the space playfully frames an unexpected glimpse of the sky.

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