Trendland Talks With Yuksek: Living On The Edge Of Time

Listen to “Off The Wall” here

      1. Yusek: Off The Wall


French music maven, Yuksek, serves up new sounds in his latest work, Living On The Edge Of Time (Savoir Faire Music). And with this new material, Yuksek, aka Pierre-Alexander Busson alters his direction from DJ spin-stunner to full-blown singer-songwriter in the electro-pop/rock scene. With his ear to the dance floor, he collects the energy and the movement within sound club capitals to channel a new mood by strengthening his vocals and leaving a few plug-ins behind. Though synths and chords are still an integral part of his product, Pierre is more attuned with the musical impact he leaves on listeners, not restricted to serving the moment (like 3:30 am on a Saturday in an overstocked warehouse).

Listen to “Always On The Run” here

      2. 01 Always On The Run


I admit, mentally, I needed to get away from the new just-for-the-sake-of-being-new trappings of dancefloor culture. The saturated synth noises, the crunching beats or distorted mayhem; these songs asked for different things. Like melody, for instance!

From a long hall in Sydney to a corner in Moscow or a studio off the Seine, Busson has lived the ins and outs of the industry’s epitomized version of an all-star club DJ. And although it has lead him down new musical avenues, the sound blaster still holds tight to his roots in grooving a crowd and bouncing venues. But this go around he’s pleasing new ears on a mission to perfect the sound of communication beyond pulse and beat, past the crowded headspace of clubbers and into the micro-music thinker who is actually paying attention to what he hears. When asked about “Off The Wall”, Busson responded: It’s just the story of the worst friend you can have. Junk, stupidity…” and the underlying upbeats certainly conceal the drone of negative figures with the aid of his perspective on music today:

I don’t think we are in a period of interesting messages in music…music has always been more a feeling than a message. I never really liked music with a message saying you have to cry now, or fight for your rights…I really prefer storytelling or poetry and also instrumental music with more emotion vs. lyrics. In my music I write little stories, and I try to make music with the word.

The electro-pop, rock flavor of Yuksek, delves into “an affinity to artists such as David Bowie, Gary Numan and The Cure, but also a devoted love for Lou Reed (circa ‘Transformer’), Serge Gainsbourg, early West Coast-rap and the Warp label.” Traces of classic rock to mid-90’s emo seep through his other tracks, “On A Train,” and “Always On The Run.” An extension of his recent music video for Off The Wall, flies into some hot spots with his long time pal Brodinski, who spins a tasteful hip-maneuver into the pop piece. “The synths are still there, but now they are serving the song, and much less the DJ.”

Listen to “Off The Wall (Brodinski Remix)” here

      3. Off_The_Wall_(Brodinski_Remix)