Travel Tag Text’s Campaign for Expedia

The very clever Ogilvy & Mather‘s recent ad campaign for Expedia combines multiple airport IATA codes to form phrases related to travel. The campaign was created by Jon Morgan and Mike Watson of Ogilvy who reviewed three-letter codes (used to identify luggage destinations) from over 9000 airports to finally create 36 ads.


Some of the phrases include WSH EWE WRE ERE [brookhaven, ewer indonesia, whangarei, erave] and SUN SEA SND SEX [sun valley, seattle, seno, sembach].

project credits
advertising agency: ogilvy & mather, london, uk
executive creative director: gerry human
copywriters / art directors: jon morgan, mike watson
business director: stephen hillcoat
retoucher: trevor qizilbash
designer: mark osborne
published: january 2013

Via ads of the world – Thanks to DesignBoom for the tip