Top 5 Best Casinos in Australia

Gambling in Australian casinos contributes a “small fraction” of the Casino’s intended “Appeal.” Playing in the chosen online casino for real money delivers the thrill and associated gambling excitement. However, matching through Australian cities, listening to the varying historical settings of each casino, the modernization and technological implications, and visitor conveniences installed takes Australian casinos to a whole other level.

In the leading casinos in Australia, you will find quality entertainment apart from gambling like cultural food in their restaurants, exceptional relaxation services in a spa, cinemas on the roof or museums, and more! Whether you are looking for style, up-to-date, and a variety of gaming machines, the best Australian casinos will have you playing with them forever!


Top 5 Best Casinos in Australia

  • Crown Casino Melbourne
  • The Star Casino
  • Treasury Casino
  • Adelaide Casino 
  • Crown Casino Perth


Crown Casino Melbourne 

Not many would associate this fantastic country with gambling, but this waterfront facility diversifies one’s opinion after a single visit! With a magnificent view of the city and located right at the riverfront, you can admire the city buildings or sit and watch as the sun rises or sets on the city skyline. The casino boasts the title of the “Biggest Gaming Space,” operating over 2500 gaming machines and an additional 350 gaming tables for varying titles. Australia and the southern hemisphere can be described as the “Largest and the Best Playroom” available to punters. Take a chance at the Mahogany Room and play select table game titles or skip the match and watch a live one on one of the casino’s sports bar sections! 

Punters will get a chance to play on one of the 40 or more poker tables to show off their magnificent gaming skills and, hopefully, take a few Australian Dollars! If not into playing against real opponents, play on one of the poker machines, and the experience will be like no other! If looking for a gaming haven, this is it for you and many others, the Crown Casino Melbourne!

The Star Casino

It is a unique name afforded to the casino that “Glitters” and “Shines” beckons individuals far and wide! The star famous for the “Grandeur” feels it evokes in visitors and, above all, that of the entire casino and hotel setting! Star Casino is famous for its role in holding and hosting the 2016 Poker Circuit Event in Wales. Australians get a chance to play, spectate and enjoy all 5 events held during the world tour for poker players. Any visitor or player to the Star casino can admire the various events and play in the same position where the first opening event took place! Can you imagine getting a chance to play Monster Stack in the same place it was held in 2016! 

Even more attractive is the growing list of available gambling opportunities to punters. In addition to the 1500 varying machines to play poker, you also get to choose from 200 varying tables for suitable card games. If you take your chances on the poker machines or table, consider getting munchies, as you will probably “Get Hooked” and “Busy.”

Top 5 Best Casinos in Australia

Treasury Casino 

As the name suggests, the casino is a “Treasure” awaiting “Discovery.” Many may accord it a cursory look as it does not match the grandeur of the Star Casino or game variety to match the size of the Crown Melbourne, but this specific casino has a “Character” of its own! With a prime location in Brisbane, visiting individuals get a chance at a casual game or two. The size of the Treasury casino isn’t that small either, hosting a whole 1300 poker machines. It means that you can enjoy better gaming odds depending on the game you choose. At the same time, picking out a table from the selected 100 available can be a chance to win against the house or opposing teams! If ready to call it a day, consider retiring to one of the 6 casino restaurants or bars for a perfect Australian dish or a night enjoying live music!

Adelaide Casino 

Players for one gaming experience after another have the best chances at Adelaide Casino in Adelaide, Australia. As part of the SkyCity Entertainment Group, the casino boasts of a “Luxurious” and “Well-Adorned” gaming space that will keep you entertained and busy to the wee hours of the morning! An additional element to the appeal the casino has is the rich history since its establishment back in 1985, making it a perfect stop for tourists and locals. The casino even has a South Australian Tourism Award award, rising through the tests and emerging the winner!

As a poker destination, it becomes the first stop for poker lovers. The attraction is the casino “Poker Zone,” holding several “Premier” poker gaming rooms! In Australia, players consider these the best and available game titles you can play, including Texas Hold ’em every Tuesday or Omaha! The setting for the games follows that of regular weekly making it more attractive to the public! 

Top 5 Best Casinos in Australia

Crown Casino Perth 

It is the only Burswood Island Casino offering an extensive entertainment casino game selection in Australia. It is also a sister casino to Crown Casino, Melbourne, another exhilarating top-rated casino. From afar, what pulls your attention is the pyramid-like structure and architecture. Traveling to Africa to view the Pyramids of Giza becomes a necessity after visiting Crown Casino Perth. The only difference is that the crowds at the casino are more lively, innumerable, and stunning! Plus, you become enthralled in the moment and don’t want to leave after starting. 

Exposure to the 2000 machine games and above does the trick. An additional 200 plus tables for varying card games advance one’s experience, ranking it top-most! Also, tables can vary in terms of the game on offer providing exclusivity. However, if aiming to be at the top, visit the casino’s crème VIP status. It gains you entry into the VIP Gaming Rooms, which represent and appear like a Palace! The casino is named after the Crown! 


Casinos in Australia highlight the right atmosphere for anyone willing to spend some time and money gambling. Fear of exploitation and fraud is non-existent in an environment that prides on and values its visitors! The top casinos in Australia welcome, assist and ensure every gambler experiences VIP treatment even if they do not have the status. You can feel and enjoy the services when visiting Crown Casino Melbourne or its counterpart in Perth. Experience the depth of the country’s history by going to Adelaide Casino and traveling further to the Star and Treasury Casinos! Your Australian tour isn’t complete if you haven’t had a chance to game in any of these top-ranking casinos!