Tomohide Ikeya Underwater Photography

Tomohide-Ikeya is a photographer who uses water as a concept of “Control” for her work. An avid scuba diver, she realized that this substance is one which we, humans, can never control, this realization became central to her work. This post features images from 3 of her series, “Moon”, “Breath” and “Wave”. All explore this relationship of all things “uncontrolled”, in their own way.“BREATH”  focuses on breath, a vital activity of human-beings which is controlled solely by us. An infinite number of air bubbles appearing in the water enable us to see ‘breath’ with vivid clarity.

“Wave” explores the boundry between nature and humans, visualized by the wave splash, and the movement of the always vasciliating line of the ocean and the sand.”Stillness and movement happen by the boundry line of the ocean and the land, 5 inches deep”

“Moon” is about gravity and the flux’s it causes, tides, the development of life on earth, the rythym of life and how the earth would be without the it.

We can not live without water, nor could we live in the water, it’s a creator and a destroyer with a heavy bent on our philosophical existence.Resistance and surrender permeate her work , intergration and acceptance perhaps the keys to a life lived to it’s maximum potential, her remedy and formula for creating an enthusiastic and creative life is through the camera, human form and water.

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