The Old “Switcheroo” by Hana Pesut

Hana Pesut‘s idea of taking images of people in their own clothing and then switching the outfits with that of their partners I thought was interesting and important. This work addresses our ideas of gender identity and challenges traditional stereotypes. Consistent questioning of …….who we are, why we think we are that, who is doing the initial labeling and why…….by artists like Pesut , is imperative for our personal understanding and growth as human beings and  the relationships we choose to nurture and at the same time judge.

Living in such a polarized society where separation and duality have been ingrained in us since we were born, perhaps it is time to put those ideas to rest and take a different approach,reviving the idea of unity.  We are, after all, living in the time when the veil of illusion is slowly fading, the disintegration of belief systems previously held is crumbling and a new way of thinking and living is at our doorstep. We feel it in our economic system, in our political system and here we have some great imagery making the case that change does not have to be scary, but exciting,  necessary and neutral. It is what we put into this energy which makes it positive or negative.

Hana is a self-taught photographer raised in a small town in the mountains and currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Her main focus in photography is the “little moments” that people sometimes miss and later wish they had captured. She hopes to inspire others to take more photos in their day to day life. Please email for bookings and inquiries.

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