The Brand New Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

People around the world have been relying on Vogue for education on style, art, and life for over one hundred years, so it is only fitting that they now have extended their services into the realm of higher education, at the newly opened Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design. Currently offering two courses under a Vogue brand extension, the London-located school follows a number of recent forays by the brand and its publisher into industry education, including Vogue Festival and Wired Consulting. The Cut sat down with Principal Susie Forbes, who detailed the two Vogue courses as follows:

Vogue Fashion Certificate:

  • Currently 45 students
  • 10 week course
  • Offered 4 times a year
  • Concentrating on fashion design, media, business, and PR

Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma:

  • Begins in the Fall
  • Currently a 90 student enrollment
  • Year long course
  • 3 Ten Week terms
  • Covers same topics as Fashion Certificate but more in depth
  • Three scholarships awarded


The colleges promises that all students will be charged the same flat fee as opposed to other British institutions which charge a higher rate for international students. Considering the price of higher education in London, particularly in Fashion, is already some of the costliest around, it sound be really interesting to see if in a years’ time the inaugural graduates fare better in entering the job market than their peers.

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