That 70's Feeling
A Interior Shopping Guide Inspired by the 70's
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he parallels of the 1970s and today exist well beyond the daily confounds of recession, corruption and well accepted unemployment, permeating into the space of design.

A history repeating itself, we once again are shifting away from a contemporary, sleek minimalism towards a 70s feeling.

A setting out of Spike Jonze’s Her, based on a futuristic 70s in part because of technology’s role as catalyst, the revived aesthetic is transparent in the film’s apparel, grooming and beauty and particularly home decor. While the 70s was a counter against the modernist 60s, today we find ourselves circling back to a decade past and casting it in a modern iron.

A color palette composed of matted earth hues and campy tones, a structure and layout maximizing space with large commuting areas and funky forms in accents and furniture,

we find ourselves taking notes from our 70s design predecessors and playfully experimenting in domestic decor.

From geometric shapes and lines, avocado green and harvest gold appliances, flocked wallpaper, skylights, timbered ceiling beams and lots of it to stacked stone fireplaces, shag rugs and of course orange, the 70s is making a comeback in a polished way.

In tandem with our trend feature on contemporary design, we’ve curated a roundup of some classic 70s interiors and products available in the contemporary market to inspire and help you get on board.

Curated by Sylvie Lekarski
Written by Amber Johnson


platner chair dwr

Designed by Warren Platner $3450


s shopping h

Designed by Kate Spade $50


s shopping

Designed by Verner Panton $330


s shopping f

Designed by Le Feu de L’Eau $60

sinterior C Robert Schlatter
sinterior B Floto Warner
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