Through The Mask Exhibition

Through The Mask takes a closer look at “the mask” as an emblematic object represented in many different cultural contexts. Curated by Martin Guinard, the exhibition brings together contemporary artists from


Typographic Sculptures by Fabrice Le Nezet

Fabrice Le Nezet’s work explores the intersection between Architecture, Fashion and Toys Design through the use of raw material such as concrete and metal. Recognizable in his work is the pure, clean and graphical aesthetic combined with playful qualities.


Tom Ford F/W 2013-14

Tom Ford was an eagerly awaited show this year at LFW and a show is what he gave.


Raymond Lemstra Tribal Illustrations

I am totally in love with the illustrations of Dutch artist Raymond Lemstra. Inspired by tribal and primitive masks and totems, and mixed with a little touch of pop and Japanese culture and you get these very unique drawings.