‘Ceci N’est Pas un Portrait’

‘Ceci N’est Pas’, meaning ’This Is Not’ in French, is the third and final chapter of Miguel Vallinas’ surrealist pictures series that stage human bodies, always well-dressed coupled with unexpected head.


Surrealist Illustrations by George Greaves

By gradients and contrasted monochromes, Bristol based George Greaves displays a work as minimal as intrigued, where perspective is cropped, casting doubt on different dimensions, oscillating between motion and stylized angular shapes.


Ugo Gattoni’s Hippopolis Hermes Scarf

There was no doubt in Ugo Gattoni’s mind what the theme for his first Hermès scarf would be. At the centre of his megapolis stands none other than a gigantic monument dedicated to the horse.


Alice Lin Surrealist Watercolors on Rice Paper

Beijing based artist Xu Linlin aka Alice Lin, is a freelance painter and 3D Art Director with a passion for new Chinese meticulous painting. She first fell in love with calligraphy and Chinese painting when she was a child with an obvious inspiration with Chinese traditional techniques and Surrealism.


Saddo will make you want to rethink your Wallpaper

Saddo is the pseudonym of Raul Oprea. Based in Brasov, Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist Raul has always been attracted to bizarre and fantasy-like imagery ever since his appreciation of horror and sci-fi movies and books since early childhood.


Mélanie Authier Surrealist Paintings

The Canadian artist Melanie Authier‘s paintings bring together visual contradictions into one imaginary space. By drawing upon the histories of abstraction and the strategies of representation, she presents improbable environments. A sense of disorientation comes about through the way in which colour, texture, line and shape compete for