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Tailor-made Food

Many are the chefs who work tirelessly to improve their most famous dishes which make us salivate endlessly. But Anna Lomax, a designer from London, decided to “prepare” the dishes for the menu today in the best way she knows how.

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Kerry Hughes’ Pop-Paper Set Design

London-based set designer and prop maker Kerry Hughes creates bold geometric worlds of paper for her still life set designs. With the trend of DIY influencing design and fashion, Hughes’ handcrafted techniques feel closer to pop art than made by hand. Combining a playful spectrum

Aliki Kirmitsi 07

Set Designer : Aliki Kirmitsi

It’s not exactly a secret, at Trendland, we adore prop stylists and set designers alike. Here’s a closer look at Aliki Kirmitsi, a Cyprus born, London resident and freelance stylist who believes “that to work as an interior stylist is to continuously be working on the communication between space and objects, whilst exploring their story.”