‘A Brush With Design’ Vintage Collection Of Shaving Accessories

Design studio Good Thing teamed up with an independent brand of shaving accessories Harry’s for a curated collection of retro brushes. The studio asked emerging international designers , such as MSDS from Toronto, Gabriel Tan from Singapore and E.O from Stockholm, to create their own reinterpretation of an old shaving brush.


Whyd Wireless Speakers

Industrial Designer working at Google, Arthur Kenzo envisioned Whyd to enable you to play music the most natural and human way.


Ichelle Im’s Inconvenience Store

What if a convenience store were inconvenient? A question that product designer duo Ichelle Im is constantly asking herself. In her ‘Inconvenience Store’, she redesign her futuristic version of everyday objects such as engagement rings, ice cream cones, whiskey, red wine, toothpaste, condoms and ladders amongst others.


Colorful FLOAT Soap Is Inspired By Art

FLOAT is a unique soap brand conceived by Wang Min that takes bath time seriously. The soaps are wrapped into a folding box made of single paper sheet, which helps to reduce the waste.