Gil Elvgren Pin-up

In our favorite Pin-up illustrator serie, here is Gil Elvgren (1914-1980). Elvgren has joined the ranks of George Petty and Enoch Bolles as one of the premiere American pin-up artists. His heroines are often caught in humorous but distressing situations. Too bad that nowadays the garter-belt is not as much as popular…


George Petty – Curvy Pin-up from 1947

Wow, how amazingly inspirational are the curvy Pin-ups of George Petty ! He was one of the top “cheesecake” illustrators of the 30s and 40s. He began his career with a series of cartoons featuring beautiful girls and their far from handsome beaus.


Pin-Up by Mel Ramos

American Pop Artist, Mel Ramos is famous for his 1960’s paintings of Pin-up calendars and magazines , I Love his series on the Pin-up, its just Amazing!! [little parentheses Pin-ups are arriving strong as a Trend in Fashion Inspiration boards]. His work is humorous as he often poses the women with […]