Jose Romussi Photo Embroidery

Chilean artist Jose Romussi takes vintage black & white photograph of ballerina and saw over some colorful thread adding a playful touch to their frozen posture. If you like this kind of mixed media, you should also check the more complex work of  Maurizio Anzeri.


Photo Embroidery by Ausra Osipaviciute

Shot by Lithuanian photographer Ausra Osipaviciute and embroidered by Gintare Pasakarnyte. I really like the concept of the embroidery on photography, makes me think of Maurizio Anzeri but in a more fashionable way…


Maurizio Anzeri Photo Embroidery

Known for his ‘Hair Sculptures‘ Maurizio Anzeri is also a talented sewer – making colorful (and sometime a little creepy) embroidery on vintage photographs, the result is beautiful ! I like a lot …