Vogue Italia x Nike by Francesco Nazardo

In the latest Vogue Italia, photographer Francesco Nazardo shot Martina Arduino, Charlotte lamotte and Karina Samoylenko, three ballerinas from La Scala in a collaboration with Nike to empowered the symbol of strength and determination.


Nike’s The Nature Of Motion

Nike is pairing up with ten contemporary designers to explore the nature of motion. Their exhibit, The Nature Of Motion, will take place as part of Milan Design Week 2016.


Just Grow It by Mr Plant

Nature is the key component for Paris-born artist Christophe Guinet, also known as “Mr. Plant”. As a teenager he was always very much in touch with nature, a fascination that he later combined with the urban street art inspired by skate and fashion.



In the same way that Nike drops several awesome sneaker styles at once, the brand launched six stores all over the world yesterday in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Liberty London x Nike 2014 Collaboration

Liberty’s heritage prints are decorating Nike’s sneakers just in time for spring.  London’s classiest department store has teamed up once again with Nike, introducing a collection of footwear and apparel.


Nike Revolutionizes the Soccer Boot with ‘Magista’

[parallax speed="0.5" img_element="no" top_img_el="0px" left_img_el="0px" speed_el="0.5" width_el="980px" height_el="0px" padding="35px" width="505px" float="left" img_bg="128634" height="650px" class="vc-bg"][googlefont font="Prata" float="none" line_height="1.2" size="46px" margin="30px 30px 20px 0" color="white" align="left"]Nike Revolutionizes the Soccer Boot with 'Magista'[/googlefont][/parallax][gap height="50"] After countless viral video teasers, Nike finally unveiled today in Barcelona their latest football boots, and they're a beauty! Build with their latest Flyknit…