Olivia Malone for Lindsey Thornburg F/W 2012

Once again, Lindsey Thornburg has teamed up with photographer Olivia Malone to shoot her F/W 2012 lookbook.  Set against the beautiful and majestic Washington State, the original setting of the Twin Peaks TV series, the images featuring the designer’s signature cloaks, in collaboration with Pendleton, are undoubtedly inspired by David Lynch’s ghost of Laura Palmer.

lindsey thornburg-ss-2012-4

Lindsey Thornburg F/W 2011 Campaign

The third innovation born from the collaborative efforts of designer Lindsey Thornburg, photographer/director Olivia Malone and director/editor Crystal Moselle follows two mischievous “clowns” as they gallivant through the countryside. The films inspiration comes from French new wave films and psychedelic directors such as Jean Rollin and Alejandro Jodorowsky.