Rick Owens Lookbooks Layout by Non Format

Rick Owens‘ consistent, clean and very much “ahead of his time” vision transcends both his mens and womens fashion collections down through to his furniture, home furnishings, reaching into the details of his company: his lookbooks being an extension of this very pure and authentic aesthetic. There is no doubt when one see’s a Rick Owens…

monki style 5

The Monki Styles

To call Monki a concept store just wouldn’t be enough. The Swedish brand has television, “mozik”, a magazine, and even its own Monki World—all amazingly conceptualized and themed according to their own quirky-cool style. For starters, check out their Monki Style layouts, with titles like


Paper Dance Poster

We are pretty fond of magazine and journal layouts and we would love if it there were more creative layouts for blogs. Though these are not blog layouts, the nice graphic posters by Robert McDowell, use figurative images mixed with newspaper text layouts and dance photography. A pretty fashionable result (especially for $10). Here are…