Flower Photography By Ja Soon Kim

The photography of Ja Soon Kim is beautifully arranged and structured. Focusing on wild flora and fruit, the artist gathers dried leaves and flowers on one surface to capture the composition from above. Kim, also a yoga teacher and an art director, seems to know everything about balance.


Visual Recipes by Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj

What a great concept (reminding us of the Ikea project) by Copenhagen-based photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj who created these images, presenting various recipes as minimalist photographs that show all the ingredients that go into making each dish.


Sam Kaplan’s Still Life Series

Multidisciplinary photographer Sam Kaplan has captured everything from flowers to birthday candles, but his most interesting works are those that feature an abundance of mundane objects arranged repetitive arrangements.


Shop: What Men Carry

The latest “in the bag” feature meets knolling on Mr. Porter, who got a look inside the bags of 5 seriously stylish men.