Stefania Tejada Girls & Botanical Illustrations

Colombian Illustrator Stefania Tejada latest series is very on trend, with ‘Girls & Botanical’, she is portraying trendy and charismatic girls, on beautiful mosaic backgrounds with obviously some green plants!


Gregory Masouras Mash-ups High Fashion with Disney

Young Greek photographer and illustrator Gregory Masouras is known for his mash-ups of high-fashion editorials and celebrities with Disney characters. With a great Instagram following of 118K followers, he loves to introduce to his fans his mash-ups and replacing Kendal or Kim with Princess Jasmine or Mulan.


Shoko Ishida Illustrations

Shoko Ishida is a Japanese illustrator inspired by dreams and longings. Her nostalgic ‘Fairytale Seires’ is a collection of images based on fairytales from all around the world, such as ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’, filtrated through the lens of her native culture.


Anai Greog Illustrations Are Optical Illusions

Anai Greog is a Romanian illustrator that works purely with the digital. She approached the circle as a method to investigate oneself which is the frame for her graphic series of visuals that take form of optical illusions.


Editorial illustrations Eiko Ojala

It’s not the first time we reviewed the great work of Estonian illustrator Eiko Ojala. Here is some of his latest work for The New York, Wired and the New Yorker. Love his gifs!