Tom Dixon brings CLUB to New York [ICFF]

This year at ICFF, Tom Dixon is showcasing their new furniture, lighting and accessories under the theme of the CLUB. The conventional Gentleman’s club is reworked into a contemporary version of the historic British members club – a modern day home-away- from-home, a plush and cultured haven where pleasure and work collide.

crash table

Straight Line Designs Furniture

Straight Line Designs is a 25 year old Canadian workshop out of Vancouver started by Judson Beaumont.  Eight crafts people creating  installations, sculptures, private commissions and custom-built furniture.  In the showcased products Jason uses materials such as alder, Maple, Aluminum, Laminate and Vinyl.

Upwardly Mobile Coatstand

Thelermont Hupton Products

Thelermont Hupton’s products and furniture have become recognizable through their willingness to reflect social conventions and peculiarities, and their strong visual identity and sometimes surprising functionality. The products are ingrained with the mark of well considered, bold and inevitably lively design.

No Phones On

Parsons Student Design at ICFF 2010

Parsons New School of Design was represent very strongly at the ICFF this year.  Here are two projects we liked: “My Phone is Off For You” cell phone cloth which blocks cell phone signals and helps you have a quiet and peaceful meal at the restaurant.