Food in Watercolour by Yum Tang

Beijing-based artist Yum Tang turns food craving into a poetic desire with a series of watercolors. From cherry tomatoes to ginger, small, square posters feature raw vegetables and fruit against color-synchronized backgrounds.

ice-cream-books -project-pairs-food-and-good-reads-1

Ice Cream Books Project Pairs Food And Good Reads

Ice Cream Books is an art project marrying the love for beautiful books and frozen delights. Set against saturated backgrounds, the pictures depict chocolate chip waffle cones and  refreshing popsicles melting on top of modern classics.


Hedi Gh Gorgeous Cosmic Donuts

After the famous rainbow bagel in Brooklyn or the food of the rainbow project, the Iranian food creative Hedi Gh posted her cosmic donuts on her Insta, which went viral across the world a few weeks ago.


The Raindrop Cake

Inspired by traditional Japanese Mizu Shingen Mochi, The Raindrop Cake is the product of New York City–based chef Darren Wong,