Audego Trendmix

  Australian duo Audego stand alone in a massively infiltrated pool of electronic R&B based music that has spawned in the passed few years. Their sound is raw and distinct, a combination of recycled old-fashioned harmonies and smudged samples, layered with blurred synths and crooked percussion, and finally blanketed with the dusty sweetness of singer…


Helmut Smits Lights Ikea on Fire

Helmut Smits (1974) is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His FLAMMA work is a set of 8 different IKEA products with which you can start a fire, using the using the fire arc technique.


DJ AM Survives Fiery Plane Crash

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Celebrity disc jockey DJ AM has been released from a Georgia hospital after suffering severe burns in a fiery plane crash a week ago, a spokeswoman for the musician said Friday.