Iconic Shoe Postcards By Antonio Soares

“Iconic Shoes Postcards” is a new box of watercolour illustrations by Portuguese Antonio Soares. Featuring some of the most iconic designs, the cards show exquisite footwear in completely new contexts. A flower grows through a Saint Laurent Cage Boot and a crane is perched on a back heel of a Marc Jacobs. A collaboration between…

8 bit-fashionary-8

8-Bit Fashionary

How rad are these simple 8-bit graphic illustrations using the Fashionary templates? I love them because it abstracts each look enough to where it highlights the palette and silhouette which is a very different way of looking at fashion for most people, but super important for forecasting. In all my fashion week collages I always…


Fashionary x I.T

This limited edition of Fashionary is a collaboration with Hong Kong fashion retailer I.T. It comes in 4 Neon fabric covers, available now for this summer. Featuring Patterns & Flat Drawings, Specs Sheets, Fabric Dictionary, Laundry labels, Seams & Stitches and more. I love their ‘Tommy Ton Street style‘ inspired campaign.