Emre Guven Fashion Photography

I discovered the work of Turkish photographer Emre Guven the other day while posting his latest Marie Claire Turkey editorial . Guven is considered to be one of the top Turkish fashion photographer. He shoots for Elle, Harper’s, Marie Claire and Arena amongst others, Guven’s style is clean and colorful, with beautiful lighting, and very…


David Bailey Photography

Considered one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, David Bailey is credited with photographing some of the most compelling images of the last five decades. He first rose to fame making stars of a new generation of models including Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree. Since then his work has never failed to impress and


Ronald Stoops Fashion Photography

Ronald Stoops studied photography in Antwerpen, and quickly became the photographer readily associated with fashion productions by Antwerpen Six: Walter Von Beirdonck, Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Birkkembergs & Marine Yee. Working with the world’s most unique, talented and original fashion designers is a sure bet to give you stunning images.…


Laetitia Bica Photography

In her photographs, Laetitia Bica, cheats with reality, by diverting, distorting and transforming what she sees in a vision of beauty offset, full of cliches and humor. Beings of flesh and blood freeze in porcelain dolls or toy pop. The artist leads us to reflect on the plastic that is ideal as a model imposed…


Jesús Alonso Photography

Spanish photographer Jesús Alonso, has been selected to participate in the 9th International Fashion & Beauty Photography Festival in Cannes. His picture (see below) selected by the curator of the exhibition is part of the fashion editorial, published in the Romanian edition of Elle Magazine in 2008. According to


Cristian Di Stefano Fashion Photography

We discovered the talented Argentinian fashion photographer and creative director Cristian Di Stefano on the Gori de Palma Lookbook, living in Barcelona for the past ten years. With his very own edgy style he has shot for some of the best publication such as Vogue, Dazed or Zink amongst others, you should enjoy his photographs…