Thom Yorke : Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Last week Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich shared a controversial picture of a mysterious newly pressed white vinyl to twitter. Immediately the internet went abuzz with chatter of


Basecamp : Shudder

Basecamp is the alias of the Nashville based trio which brings us “Shudder”. The track orients around a catchy pop infused hook and is stacked with their characteristically electronic and crisp master-crafted soundscape. Perhaps their most noteworthy track to date, it definitely puts on display their edge in the massive niche that electronic R&B has…

E Castillo

Eduardo Castillo : Musical Storyteller

Venezuelan-born, Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Eduardo Castillo is infamous for his improvisational live remixing and eclectic sounds. Castillo has several releases and commissions on the groundbreaking label Crosstown Rebels and is the founder of legendary VOODOO and GYPSET events in Los Angeles.


Little Dragon : Pretty Girls (Lil Silva Remix)

  BUY LITTLE DRAGON’S ‘NABUMA RUBBERBAND’   Little Dragon‘s latest album ‘Nabuma Rubberband’ was just what we’ve come to expect from the consistently great and authentic Swedish quartet.   Lil Silva who recently came out with his own record (EP) entitled ‘Mabel’, which features Banks and debuts his own vocal presence, is proving his consistency…


Touch Sensitive : Slow Moments

  FREE DOWNLOAD   If you haven’t already feasted your ear buds on “Slow Moments” by Sydney-based producer and Future Classic affiliate Touch Sensitive, also known for his work as Van She’s bassist/keyboardist, it’s time you do.   Touch Sensitive aka Michael Di Francesco, creates a electronic masterpiece injected with an infectious sample which is…


TL Talks With Modern Day Virtuoso Producer Photay

  We caught up NY-based young-gun new age virtuoso producer Evan Shornstein aka Photay to get a glimpse into his world and the sweet spot where his world meets his musical aspirations and talent. The Woodstock transplant’s distinct sound from first listen is hard to generically pinpoint as it blends the obscure with the accessible, and…


Movement (NSFW)

    BUY MOVEMENT EP   Let’s talk about sex. Or perhaps we should listen to some music that perfectly evokes it. No, why don’t we just watch someone else making passionate love. Australian trio Movement present us with the opportunity to do all of the above and with such finesse in their brooding R&B…