De Balkonie is a Decor Store to Decorate your Balcony

De Balkonie is a new decor boutique in Amsterdam entirely dedicated to the urban apartment dweller looking to decorate their balcony. The first store in the Netherlands dedicated to balcony decoration, the innovative boutique highlights the future of urban dwelling and the shrinking concept of a backyard.


A Modern and Minimalist Approach to Classic Car Prints

Petrolified is a print project introduced by artist and designer Martin Miskolci, in 2013. This car enthusiast is a storyteller. His objective is to bring automotive inspired art to the public, by creating posters which illustrate some of the most iconic creations in the car world. From the Ferrari Tesstarossa to the Datsun 240Z, each poster shares a story…


Design Artifacts at Obsolete Inc

This small, museum-like design store in Culver City specializes in one-of-a kind art, furniture and decorative objects. The surprise gems at Obsolete’s are mind-blowing. Owner Ray Azoulay travels the world to find unique and rare objects. Written by Jade Moyano


Building Blocks for Adults

Inspired by the shape of an hourglass, Binary designed by Epiforma, is a functional and at the same time meditative object that embraces time as ephemeral matter.


Score + Solder Craftsmanship

Matthew Cleland is the talented craftsman behind Score + Solder. The British-Columbia based designer spends his days tirelessly crafting glass sculptures and perfecting his soldering skills.