Danish Flair in the Greek Archipelago

Although the outside of this beautiful home boasts a traditional white on white flair, the spectacular lines and vintage interior decor reveals the owners’ great passion for Danish and Scandinavian classical furniture.


New Order

In this pristinely organized set by Stefan Diez we see New Order, a shelving collection, designed for Hay. New Order is a ground-breaking shelving system in aluminum that allows for endless variations.


Beautiful Danish Holiday Home

Keeping up with yesterday’s theme of gorgeous residences built from the trees of the very forests in which they are located, this beautiful Danish house was built by owner/architect Jesper Brask, who harvested 150 trees then cut them into raw beams for cliff-residing holiday home.


Bubabu From A to Z

For those of you lucky enough to have kids, you have probably experienced many times the delight of a child’s open and receptive, inquisitive mind.  Danish childrens’ media expert Anders Morgenthaler, educational expert Helle Fisker, and production company Copenhagen Bombay created this whimsical school learning system for this tender time, called Bubabu, to influence your…


Interior Inspiration from Gubi Denmark

There are certain things we have come to associate with Danish design: simplicity, functionalism, industriousness, timelessness; Gubi Denmark has been staying at the forefront of all of these for over 4 decades. 


Weekly Viral Report Card

Many of you can probably relate to our obsession with statistics. There is an ongoing unspoken competition in our office to see who has got the viral touch, and we decided to materialize this obsession into a ‘Weekly Viral Report’ that includes the top post on Trendland.com, the most repined images from our Pinterest, and…