Adriana Duque’s Icons

Written by Mateus Andrade Adriana Duque is a Colombia-based photographer that has gained attention throughout the world exploring themes around childhood and creating meticulous mise-en-scènes.


The First Taste – TEDxSydney

What a cute video! One of the highlights of TEDxSydney 2013 was ‘The First Taste’, a short film by Saatchi & Saatchi and Heckler. Set to orchestral music and shot in slow-motion, the short features young children taking their first taste of


Bubabu From A to Z

For those of you lucky enough to have kids, you have probably experienced many times the delight of a child’s open and receptive, inquisitive mind.  Danish childrens’ media expert Anders Morgenthaler, educational expert Helle Fisker, and production company Copenhagen Bombay created this whimsical school learning system for this tender time, called Bubabu, to influence your…

michael peck 2

Michael Peck’s Paintings

Michael Peck readily admits that his monochromatic artwork reminds people of death. Whereas most people resort to skulls and other obvious symbols, though, the Melbourne artist uses children. Each of his oil on linen pieces features a


Very French Gangsters : New Eyewear for Kids

Very French Gangsters is a new brand of stylish prescription glasses and sunglasses for children from 3 to 10 years old. The indisputable quality of the products, the technical characteristics and the variety of colors make Very French Gangsters the first brand of children’s eyewear that combine comfort and style.