Hotel Rum in Budapest

Designed by local artists and architects, Hotel Rum in Budapest is a blend of contemporary and classic. Located in a hip district of


Great Loft in an Attic [Budapest]

Located in Budapest, Hungary, this beautiful 2,150 square feet loft is an attic build-out, making the layout very interesting. I like most of the finishes except the weird lighting pendant in the entry and the cheesy chandelier (would have chosen more industrial pendants). Love the industrial kitchen in the center of the apartment making it…


TrendStore: Nanushka Beta Store [Budapest]

In TrendStore today we are going to Budapest, to see inside the Nanushka Beta Store, where five architecture students (Daniel Balo, Zsofi Dobos, Dora Medveczky, Judit Emese Konopas and Noemi Varga ) have created this awesome temporary fashion store with just a 2000€ budget, a billowed canvas canopy and a sliced firewood floor.