Juana Limon Light-Filled Bakery [Madrid]

Juana Limon in Madrid is a light-filled bakery located in the residential area of Retiro and Salamanca. Designed by a local agency Lucas y Hernandez-Gil, the neat interior features white and yellow tiles, wooden floors and retro-inspired furnishings.


Nanan French Patisserie In Wroclaw [Poland]

Nanan French patisserie in Wroclaw is the recent creation of a local BUCK.STUDIO. Delicacies and cakes are not the only sweet element inside this millennial pink-themed bakery. Walls are covered with velvet plush, while marble tables and gold, retro lamps give a 50s feel to the interior.


Modernist ‘New York Sweets’ Pastry Shop [Cyprus]

New York Sweets is a freshly refurbished modern pâtisserie in Nicosia, Cyprus. Designed by the Minas Kosmidis team, the bakery is inspired by Big Apple, its urban character and industrial landscapes. Heavy, marble counters and metal grids divide the space, where food is displayed with reverence behind the glass.


Emotion-Inspired Branding for Madame Quoi Bakery

New branding for a gourmet bakery Madame Quoi was inspired by a dramatic story of a Parisian socialite, Henriette Callioux and the letters to her husband that were threatened to be published in the eve of a political scandal in 1914.


Praktik Bakery Hotel in Barcelona

Praktik Bakery Hotel is one of several in the Praktik portfolio of hotels. The emphasis is of course, on luxury accommodations, as well as freshly baked bread made onsite.