Zodiac Signs By Vacaliebres

Vacaliebres aka Alberto Vacca Lepri is an enigmatic artist and graphic designer from Genova, Italy. His ‘Zodiac Signs’ series is a collection of austere illustrations, accompanied with plenty of astrological symbols.


A Taurus in Pictures

This personal project by photographer Vanessa Rees is not called Taurus for no reason. For those more seasoned in Astrology, the reference is obvious- Earth elements, earth tones, groundation, and a little messiness.


Argentinian Photographer Antonella Arismendi

Self-taught Argentina based fashion photographer Antonella Arismendi has so much fantastic work that is hard to edit it down to just one post. She is inspired spirituality, new world order, 2012 and astrology – which comes across in many of her works. During the last five years her work has been featured in magazines such…