When Digital is Taking Over Humans

Italian visual artist Davide Quayola converts classical masterpieces like the Venus and Adonis or The Tiger Hunt by Rubens into complex digital masterpiece creations.


Minimarket Accessory LookBook by Carl Kleiner

Take an awesome photographer (Carl Kleiner) and a creative Swedish fashion brand (Minimarket) and you have these original still life shots for their SS 2011 lookbook. The gorgeous results focus on the products with very minimal props. Also see their AW 2011 art video after the jump.

Lernert- Sander-video

Lernert & Sander Amazing Videos

Lernert & Sander are two dutch artists and friends who decided that working alone was getting boring and started collaborating on art related projects. Since their first video Chocolate Bunny they’ve been working on commercials, leaders, art movies, documentaries and installations.