TL Talks with Hedi Xandt

Communication designer and conceptual artist Hedi Xandt, whose prints we featured recently, has one of the freshest perspectives in art and design today.


Apple vs Microsoft: The OS War

There is so much competition in the world of operating systems, Apple vs Microsoft is definitely the biggest, and from time to time, creatives like to independently produced viral videos (remember Mac or PC Rap video?). This great Terminator video is made by Leon Wang and could almost be a commercial for Windows 7. That…


The New Apple iPad Tablet

In case you didn’t know Steve Jobs officially revealed the new Apple iPad Tablet yesterday during the Keynote presentation in San Francisco. The Apple iPad has been officially pictured and shown to the world in all its press glory.


The BookBook Macbook Cover

This is one of the coolest hard cover cases I have seen in a long time, the BookBook by TwelveSouth is an $80 Leather MacBook Case, unfortunately only for 13″ and 15″ (not for me then)… But if you like to pretend you read old tales or encyclopedia, its perfect! this design will turn your…