SuperDuper Handmade Hats

What is a wooden hat blocker? What makes a wooden hat blocker unique? The crafty folks at SuperDuper can tell you—it was what got them into the hat business in the first place.

“Handmade Hats” goes the simple tagline of the brand. But it doesn’t stop there. From raw material to traditional craftsmanship to ingeniously intricate collection images (and we haven’t even gotten to the actual hats yet), this is a company that knows where your heads at.

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Katrina Tan

A brand manager and magazine editor with a love for stories. Always wanting to know the whys and hows behind the art and the artist, Katrina also runs SUPERVISION. As such, her days are usually spent with her eyes on the Net and the streets, looking for the most interesting/opinionated/all-around fun work.

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