Chalice Symphony

Stella Artios : The Chalice Symphony

The Hive

Belgian beer company Stella Artois has come to be known not only for a brilliantly brewed pilsner they have been perfecting for hundreds of years but in the past several years they have established themselves as a innovative force in marketing with their witty campaigning which is headed by one of today’s most reputable ad agencies in Mother. They have now taken their dedication to craftsmanship a step further.



Just the other day Stella Artois introduced the Chalice Symphony, a collaboration between Stella Artois, MIT sonic inventor Andy Cavatorta and indie rock band Cold War Kids. Over the past year, Cavatorta has passionately pored over hundreds of the iconic Stella Artois Chalices to craft four fully-functional music instruments inspired by elements of the iconic glassware: the Hive, the Pryophone, the Star Harp and the Violina.



Star Harp


Incorporating the unique sounds from these instruments, renowned band Cold War Kids has written a new song, “A Million Eyes,” a soulful ballad performed using the Chalice Symphony instruments.


“All things beautiful require effort, determination and a dedication to artistry. And with the Chalice Symphony, we set out to highlight these principles showing that the Chalice is not only beautiful design, but can sound beautiful as well,” said Debora Koyama, Vice President, Stella Artois. “This effort to create something so beautiful sounding results from a collaboration that has been a year in the making. We worked with master craftsman, Andy Cavatorta, to create these orchestral instruments and Cold War Kids were the exact type of inventive musicians we needed to bring these instruments to life.”


Check out the live performance by Cold War Kids of “A Million Eyes” below.


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