Song of the Day : [09/08]

Mr Hudson Feat. Kanye West : Supernova


Mr. Hudson is a singer/songwriter and record producer based out of London. Recently signing on Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music label after contributing guest vocals to Kanye’s hit “paranoid” much is expected from this man who lists musical influences such as The police, Andre 3000, David Bowie, Marvin Gaye, The specials and Ella Fitzgerald. Mr Hudson has ventured away from the sound him and his former band are commonly known for, and with help of Mr. Ye himself he has embraced his 80’s synth driven melody’s and speaker blowing 808 styled tracks. So for fans who have known Mr Hudson since 2007 this track might come as a shocker but for the rest of us, well it’s a hot record. He is informing some lucky lady that she may want a shining star, but he’s offering to be so much brighter than that—in other words, a Supernova. It has been flirting with the charts for the latter part of the summer but has yet to really make an impact on this side of the pond… Its a shame aint it! Enjoy…

Listen to “Supernova” Here

      1. Mr hudson ft. kanye west - supernova

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