Saveurs Sauvages: Wild Game

Though published in October of 2011, the book Saveurs Sauvages has not only enthused the minds of French cuisine lovers and artists alike but has also brought forth attention to the art of food photography. With Carrie Solomon behind the lens of the twenty eight French chef’s and their wild main courses, Saveurs Sauvages brings forth an intimate level of storytelling by way of portrait photography In addition to the still-life food shots featured in the book, chefs such as Yves Camdeborde share memories of seeing red flesh of a Pyrenean Chamois, while Thierry Marx recalls the thrill of hunting Canadian bears with just a bow and arrow. From the wild boar paté to rabbit a la royale, Saveurs Sauvages takes us to a world where creating the perfect meal takes more than just operating a kitchen. So whether your into your grub or not, we hope these images get your gut growling and make you go wild.

More Information:
Photographer, Carrie Solomon
Editor, Kéribus/Le Rouergue
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