Sarah Anne Ward’s Dessert Artwork Series

Following the recent trend of edible art, New York-based photographer Sarah Anne Ward displays her take on iconic modern artworks using common kid-friendly dessert items. Ward has previously done shoots for J.Crew catalogs, the MoMa Design Store, and other magazines, museums, and labels. For this photo series, Ward worked with food stylists Heather Meldrom and Michelle Gatton to create five desserts inspired by Rothko, Koons, Pollock, Mondrian, Picasso and Braque using rice krispies, cake, jello, and even Twinkies. This series is visually striking and truly appetizing, similar to the widely-popular Mondrian cake and other art-inspired desserts at the SFMoMA. In the future, Ward plans to create additional dessert artworks inspired by Calder and Dali. “I want to see how far I can push this,” said Ward of her mouth-watering creations.

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