Robert Gligorov’s Art

Written by Guest Blogger Giulia Callegari

Robert Gligorov is a contemporary artist. A real one. Attracted of drawing, discipline he then applied in many different commercial fields like comics, illustrations, publicity. If he had never drawn he says he would probably have become a surgeon or a coach.

Very well aware that nowadays art is everywhere, in advertising, cinema, fashion and desing he still motivates the existence of his work through a deep preparation and around meanings.

 Among his favourite artists are Matisse, De Kooning, Guston, Morandi.. contemporaries M. Barney, Prince, Neo Rauch.. and many more. Not always you can tell from his work, but he says he is very confident about the future.

Robert Gligorov: Surely donating is a great joy and the astonishment of the faces of the people who receive a present is invaluable, so I would always be on tour making donations to the most desperate cases.. “The only thing which sometimes astonishes me is how much the most part of the world is “back”, like we were in a film in costume…I take cognizance of this only since a few years…if you think that Bush didn’t even know where Afghanistan was located…”

His installations have travelled all over the world, we just need to wait for the next one.


Dollar Note : Bird cage with real birds and 2 real vertical pianos – when birds jump on the aluminium straw they play piano notes.

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