Rinat Shingareev’s Pop Icon Paintings

Rinat Shingareev, self proclaimed “Best Artist Alive,” always knew that being an artist was his destined fate.  Carefully orchestrating large painted portraits, he brings saturated colors, unusual situations and familiar personalities into Pop-art iconography.  “I believe in the idea that my art should bring only positive emotions,” says Shingareev, and he knows how to pull if off, illuminating the spirit of our times in an almost absurd yet honest way.  “My paintings portray personalities and faces that we meet only through newspapers, magazines, on-line, TV screens or on the radio.  In my paintings I invite you to look at these unapproachable personalities from a different point of view, one which reveals more of their human qualities.” Can you name them all?

for more info, visit shingareev.blogspot.com