Rein Vollenga’s Sculptural Wearables

Rein Vollenga’s most recent inspiration was weapons. Particularly the one found on Rose McGowan’s leg in Planet Terror.  “She is so incredibly sexy with her machine gun prosthetic!” he says in a recent Dazed Digital feature. “This partly inspired me to start working on some large scale sculptures based on bodies and weapons.”

Born and educated in Fine Arts in Holland, Rein admits to kind of finding his own way as an artist, to the point of being a bit self-taught (at least in what he currently creates). The former hairdresser is most known for his sculptures, most of which are wearable—though not for the faint of heart—and loved by the likes of Mugler, New Power Studio, and Cassette Playa.

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artist Dutch FASHION head piece Holland mugler rein vollenga sculpture
Katrina Tan

A brand manager and magazine editor with a love for stories. Always wanting to know the whys and hows behind the art and the artist, Katrina also runs SUPERVISION. As such, her days are usually spent with her eyes on the Net and the streets, looking for the most interesting/opinionated/all-around fun work.

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