“Potions”, A 3D Exhibition by Masha Efremenko

[jwplayer width=”980″ height=”600″ file=”http://trendland.com/wp-content/video/potions.mp4″ image=”http://trendland.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/potions-by-masha-efremenko-1.png”]



oscow based designer Masha Efremenko created a beautiful collection of feather headdresses and came up with a brilliant way to present them, in this 3D video exhibition by Transparent House. Set in what appears to be some heavenly universe, these works of art come to life as the viewer closes in on each model. The production is minimalistic and super dynamic at the same time. A really great product of love that you should not miss.


General concept & headdresses by Masha Efremenko
3D visualization by Transparent house
Photography by Dmitry Zhuravlev
Style by Danila Polyakov
Models by Sasha Vsesviatskaya, Danila Polyakov, Uliana Lukina
Music by Kammerflimmer Kollektief


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