Play-Doh Ads – Singapore


South East Asia brings us one of the most humorous of ad campaigns for a children’s play product: Play-DohSafe no matter what you make. One would definitely assume these ads are not targeted at the children themselves but, rather, at the younger generation of parents that would view these pictures and not create an unnecessary angry protest about it.


To those with a sense of humor and an accepting view of reality, flipping through a magazine and coming across these would cause quite the chuckle. Surely children [or the majority of them at least] wouldn’t actually mold such intricately creepy Play-Doh sculptures as these that would tend to make a parent very, very worried. They are merely implying that Play-Doh is better for children than, say, playing violent video games, copying their overly rebellious teenage brother’s actions, or watching R-rated movies.




This set of ads was shown in a free Singaporean magazine by the name of Navigator by agency DDB Singapore.