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Pacal Goet Highlights Masks Hidden in Bug Shells

Using macro photography, French photographer Pascal Goet highlighted humanesque features found in bug shells. By subtly manipulating and highlighting various details in the shells of beetles and other insects, Goet can help…


Faux Foraging by James Tolich

It seems that foraging is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, alongside an exotic pine mushroom.


Bobby Doherty Minimalistic Food Photography

Brooklyn based photographer Bobby Doherty has been taking pictures for as long as he can remember. After studying at the School of Visual Art in New York, Doherty decided he would forever…


Coco Fernandez’s Gorgeous Pottery

Spanish artist Coco Fernandez inspired by the Fauvism Movement when creating these abstract pottery decorated with block colour patterns immediately reminiscent of Matisse’s cut out shapes.


Philip Karlberg New Food Still Life Series

We’ve been covering the lovely work of Philip Karlberg for a few years now. Over the last few weeks he has been working on some new images for his new food portfolio.