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Romantic Urbex by James Kerwin

‘Urbex’ is the urban exploration of man made structures that have been abandoned. Inspired by Architect Christopher Payne series of abandoned asylum institutions, British fine art photographer James Kerwin has traveled extensively…


Surreal Scenarios by Ben Zank

Auckland based photographer Ben Zank is one of tumblrs rising photographers award winners. Many of the situations simulated in his photographs involve working with fire, smoke bombs, traffic, and putting snails on…


Minimalist Architectural Photography by June Kim

With a background in marketing and advertising, the Oakland based talented photographer June Kim shoots simplicity within intricately composed depth deserves a more consequential descriptor.


Central Park Infrared by Paolo Pettigiani

Inspired by the magical Richard Moss and his ‘Infra’ Series in Congo, the NY based Italian graphic designer and photographer Paolo Pettigiani captured a great collection of Central Park’s landscapes pictures in…


Cristina Coral Conceptual Photography

Italian photographer Cristina Coral approached photography after graduation, much inspired by her father (music composer), by memories of the past and by which she has collected in her life which has somehow…


The Mysterious Portraits of Hellen van Meene

Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene is one of the leading Dutch photographers of her generation. During the first part of the 1990s, her work involved intriguing portraits of adolescent girls and women…